San Beach Club

We are always on the hunt for new concepts, new design front runners and most importantly a new hang out that ticks all our rather unique ‘must have’ boxes. There is a new cool kid in town, or should we say on the ever-booming shores of our favorite stretch of West Beach.

Introducing San Beach. Not just your average beach club one might say. A retreat space which is born of raw natural minimalism, adorning authentic contemporary design which is both effortlessly chic yet undeniably design focused. Through the favored use of smooth curves, arches, and soft edges throughout, there is this innate feeling that this impressive open plan soul space has been molded by hand out of ancient clay. Invoking undisturbed tranquility, Dubai’s first African-inspired beach club takes you on an aesthetic journey.

Art and sculpture take precedent throughout, generating an authentic tribal vibe compared to its slick neighbouring restaurants on the strip and catapults San well ahead of its peers in terms of being an inspirational lifestyle space in comparison to other generic glitzy Dubai beach clubs. Jake Singer, South African multidisciplinary artist showcases his work through the beach sculptor in pride of place alongside Jade Paton’s decorative sculptural pots scattered throughout. South African designer Tristan Du Plessis has curated a space much yearned for here on the shores of the UAE; presenting raw and primal textures, the design harmony is stripped back minimalism at its best.

Whilst the design concept itself is reason enough to visit this barefoot luxury haven, it’s the lashings of African hospitality and Mediterranean style menu that are yet additional enticing factors. We felt transported to the Balearics with a touch of Cote D’Azur chic, from the people watching to the soundtrack reverberating off the ceramics. San Beach is one to put at the top of your list for both a day by the overflowing pool, or an evening of tantalising dinner.

It’s a yes from us.