The Edition Hotel

“No two cities are alike; Why should our hotels be?”

The mantra that makes the EDITION brand. In collaboration with Ian Shamer, the latest hotel born into the EDITION Collection brings the refined minimalism that we think Dubai needs. Designed by interior design studio LW, the Dubai EDITION is Marriot’s further expansion into the Middle East.

Redefining the codes of traditional luxury, each EDITION hotel is created with a bespoke design palette in mind, embracing the unique local influence with the brands unifying aesthetic. Individualized, one-of-a-kind hotels, that represent a new generation of luxury and modern lifestyle.

Located in the pulsating heart of Downtown Dubai, this stylish boutique property boasts 275 guest rooms, 45 suites and one mega penthouse pad, all of which encompass the brands unique signature style.

The Dubai EDITION is a sanctuary of tranquility, comfort and space which offers a breath of fresh air from its surrounding lavishly opulent gold infused neighbors. A pocket of calm in amongst the city chaos, allowing guests a modern-day escapism. Soaring arches, neutral tones, soft textures and warm lighting guide you effortlessly through the lobby, where the minimalism sets the tone for the rest of the property. The sculptural staircase is a unique design statement, amplifying the triple height cascade of the atrium and complementing the impressive chandelier.

Monochromatic color schemes and contemporary design language elevates the style of the guest rooms, dark woods with a minimal yet warm palette for furnishings.

Now whilst an array of world class restaurants resides nearby, the Dubai EDITION has created its very own buzzing hotspot on its ground floor. Duomo offers striking views of the Burj Khalifa whilst tantalizing your cravings with the taste of sophisticated Italy. The impressive domed ceiling, reminiscent of Italian architectural structures will transport guests to palatial luxury.

The Dubai EDITION does not disappoint, from design to ambience, location to dining, this fine addition to Downtown Dubai is one of our favorite hang outs.