Wearable items made from your favourite snacks!


Nicole McLaughlin isn’t the only one who feels the need to have a snack always nearby but we are pretty sure no one else has the art of snacking quite like her. The former Reebok graphic designer keeps treats at her fingertips by reusing clothing, footwear, and household items from pouches of gummy candy, old fleece jackets, and even inflated bags of popcorn. Often prominently displaying logos, McLaughlin’s projects provide a humorous take on branding and fashion trends.


Exhibition: Depop x Nicole McLaughlin Earth Day Programming

Artist: Nicole McLaughlin

Where: Depop Space, New York


The playful pieces also are part of the designer’s years-long efforts toward creating environmentally aware fashion. “I would go to thrift stores and try to find something that I could make something new out of,” McLaughlin told WWD of her initial desire to create her converted, and now edible, apparel.

(source: Depop.com)

 Source: https://www.instagram.com/nicolemclaughlin