A match made in high-street fashion heaven. Just when gimp masks and lycra cat suits taking over the New York stock exchange weren’t quite enough to get the fashion fluids flowing, the subtle unveiling of yet another smoking hot sportswear collaboration drops out of nowhere.

Balenciaga X Adidas— or “Balenciaga / adidas,” as the pair apparently prefers, is the talk of the town after débuting the 33-piece collection on Sunday May 22. Our Spring 2023 wardrobe just got a whole lot more sheeshy.

Nothing beats an Adidas Original; socks, tee, cap or oversized sweater. But now you can buy these with a price tag 4 x the price. One little edit, the Balenciaga branding in place of Adidas. Oh, the power of a logo! Its sportswear chic to the max but just supersonic spenny $$$$. I think we might wait to pick up some of these see-now-buy now piece at the vintage store in years to come…

Gucci X Adidas is still the collab that has stolen our street style heart.