Extremely realistic paintings in bubble wrap


It is hard enough to create such life like paintings but to then add an optical illusion is a skill utterly beyond. Darian Mederos obviously puts a lot of time and effort into each piece which has resulted in this interesting series of paintings “wrapped” in bubble wrap.


Artist: Darian Mederos

Purchase: available from Condecontemporary.com

About D. Mederos

Darian Mederos is a Cuban prodigy who focuses primarily on the human face. Now based in Nashville, he attended his first two years of art school at Leopoldo Romañach.  His last two years were spent at San Alejandro in Havana. The ‘bubble wrap’ work reflects light and distorts the underlying image, it is only at a distance that the works come into focus.  “When viewed up close the faces dissolve into bold strokes of flesh tones and painted light”

 (Source: CondeContemporary.com)