Mesmeric army of luminous figures take over 10 meter high wall in Ataraxia exhibition by Eugenio Cuttica.

One-hundred and five fiberglass figures to be precise, aligned on white chairs in rows that extend from the floor to the ten-meter high ceiling.

Exhibition: Ataraxia

Artist: Eugenio Cuttica

Where: MAR Museum

The installation invokes the ideas behind the Greek word, which roughly translates to imperturbability, equanimity, and tranquility. The glowing project by Argentinian artist Eugenio Cuttica was on view in 2018 at the MAR Museum in Buenos Aires.

Cuttica later explains in a statement that Ataraxia “points to a calm beauty, a calm but agitating act, moves the spirit and can even cause fear. It is an art that refers to the observer’s consciousness in its own insignificance and in unity with nature.”

As well as the LED-lit installation, the exhibition also featured a series of wooden boats and paintings meant to reflect on fertility, abundance, the sublime qualities of Argentinian landscapes, and the ways art and food intersect.