In this time of uncertainty, we must all remain indoors and ‘reduce the curve’ however some of us (the artists) have found the time to wonder the streets and leave a positive signature on this pandemic. We can only hope that all of the below graffiti’s were created before the lockdown and we can certainly assume that they were wearing their protective masks!

Without further ado, here is our selection of the top 10 street graffiti’s based on the corona virus.

#DISCLAIMER: We do not advise anyone to roam the streets in search of street art. It is best to remain indoors and continue scrolling online 😉

#1: Super Nurse by FAKE (@iamfake)

#2: Untitled by PonyWave (@PonyWave)
#3: My precious (@eme_freethinker)
#4: Stay Home (Simpsons) by @NelloPetrucciartist
#5: Lockdown (@the.rebel.bear)
#6: Keep calm (@tylerstreetart)
#7: Boris (#ArtistPegasus)
#8: Kim Jon Un (@LushSux)
#9: (@GnasherMurals)
#10: (@rubenrojas)